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AFP: How the Gold Market Works and is it Time to Buy Gold?
There’s a great deal of news and many reports about that are suggesting that gold may be the one safe - and very potentially profitable - place for investors to protect their wealth in these uncertain times. If you’re concerned about the current global economic crisis and you’re researching alternative safe haven investments, gold may well be worth your consideration.

Salman Partners Inc., the independent research-driven investment dealer, has suggested that gold prices should continue on a steady upward slope for the next 12-18 months. The predictions have been made by the company’s senior mining analysts Haytham Hodaly and Raymond Goldie in a new report; one section of the report reads: -

“In situations of economic or political uncertainty or conflict, gold has been considered a safe haven. The price of gold is primarily influenced by investment demand, which is primarily related to the expected strength or weakness of the US dollar.’’
Salman Partners are far from alone with suggestions that we are now in a strong bull market for gold bullion investors. Throughout the week we’ve received news from many market experts who believe that gold prices will continue to rise including William Kwan, bullion director of Gold Capital Management in Singapore, who claimed that gold could hit $1,200 per ounce in the next six months.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the South African Rand Refinery which produces the Krugerrand and mints worldwide are all reporting that they are working overtime in order to cope with the rise in demand.

There’s a great deal of myth and legend surrounding the gold markets, and this is possibly the biggest hurdle new gold investors face when trying to figure out if it’s an investment that is right for them. Also, with the exception of the wealthiest investors, bullion purchase has never been easy and its cost overheads have often negated any potential profit making. However, times have changed and it is now possible to buy investment quality gold bullion online outright and have it stored in an official bullion vault where it’s value is guaranteed, and the costs are incredibly low, making gold trading now accessible to everyone.

The primary company behind this innovation in gold investment and trading is BullionVault, they report that one of their offshore secure vaults in Zurich now holds a greater volume of privately held gold bullion than most central-bank reserves, sheltering the owners from currency shocks and further risks of credit default.

If you’d like to learn more about bullion investment and receive an in-depth report on How the Gold Market REALLY Works today, and also claim 1 gram of free investment grade Zurich gold from BullionVault, visit their website now.

PLEASE NOTE: We will receive a small referral commission for any accounts opened through this article. But the tiny dealing fees and storage charge you will pay would be no smaller without it.

And finally, this groundbreaking gold trading service from BullionVault really does give you unique access to live gold market prices, cutting out the middleman and slashing the costs of investing in gold. To find out more for yourself, go to www.bullionvault.com