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GS: The Price of Platinum
Platinum has many properties. It resists corrosion and abrasion, it does not oxidize in air and is resistant to chemical attack. Its melting temperature is high (1775 degrees) but it is more ductile and malleable than gold. Its main use in the industry is as a catalyst or in the manufacture of jewellery.

It belongs to the family of PGMs (PGM) that includes: Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd), Rodhium (Rh), Ruthérium (Ru), Iridium (Ir) and Osmium (Os). If the year 2009 gives me the time I’ll write a topic on the production and consumption of platinum as well as the price of rhodium to record more than 10 000 dollars an ounce (oz knowing that corresponds to 31,103 grams, it is an expensive gram). Platinum with its record to 2230 dollars an ounce in early years is not even the most expensive elements of the family of PGMs.

In 2003, gold and oil have captured my attention, I never had time to publish a chart on the price of platinum. Forced to make choices in a world mining in full boil, I sacrificed the price of platinum. For 5 years, I was waiting patiently for the right time to post a topic on the price of platinum and I want to say all good things that I think of this precious metal.

The return to the area of a thousand dollars an ounce of platinum now finally gives me an opportunity to discuss what has been wrongly named "small silver." It is more, part of its rarity and its qualities, the big brother of gold that the little brother of the silver.